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Snickaryxa Hjärtummodell dubbelslipad

Artikelnr: BS46-162


The carpenter’s axe is a precision instrument for carpentry and woodwork. Wetterlings makes the legendary Hjärtum model, originally designed and made by an old Swedish blacksmith family of Eriksson, Jonsson and Skoog. 

Cut precise flakes to bring out the shape from your green or dry wood. The hollow part of the head makes it possible to grab close to the cutting edge center to direct and control the cut maximally. The neck can be uses as a hammer. True working pleasure

Carpenters Axe

1 kg Hjärtum Axe Head, Swedish carbon steel. 
4 inch blade, 6,5 inch long*. 
Single bevel, knife grinded to 26 degree angle*
57-59 RwC edge
50 Rwc neck
18 inch straight Hickory handle

*Please note that all axes are hand made and eye measured. Therefore minor variations may occur.

Pris: 570,00:-

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